Paris, today.

You’re Morgan, an art history student at the Sorbonne.

While taking a substance called Oneiros, you suddenly discover the possibility of sharing dreams with other students.
With these students, you set off to discover Dreams, where your power is only limited by your imagination.

But you are not alone in Dreams. And where the dream exists, the nightmare is never far away…


Everything that has been dreamed or imagined since the dawn of time exists in Dreams. It is the land of stories, fantasies, fictions, myths and legends.

It coexists with the real world and follows the same geographical lines. However, its topography and landscapes can be very different, depending on the stories that have been told by the civilizations that were born and died there.



With practice, it is possible for any dreamer to realize that he is dreaming and thus take control of his dream.
This lucid dream state allows him to apprehend his subconscious and to fully deploy his creative power.
He can slow down time, play with the laws of nature by modifying gravity, textures… It’s a playground without any limits.

However, if he is not careful, the dreamer can lose his grip and begin to confuse dream and reality. Worse, he could lose interest in real life, which can then seem boring and pointless.

Oneiros flask


This unidentified substance allows those who take it to project themselves into a lucid dream state. It also allows them something much more incredible.
When several dreamers take it at the same time, it is possible for them to join in each other’s dreams for a common experience.

Oneiros can be ingested or inhaled, but the most effective way to take it is to put a drop in your eye. That increases its duration and power.

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