Morgan is the hero of the story. You will control his fate throughout the game.

Personality: under analysis

So, if I had to describe myself in a few lines… I’ve always been passionate about Art, even though I know I’m far from having the talent to be an artist. Anyway…I am a student in Master’s degree in Philosophy and History of Art at the Sorbonne. I live in Paris. Outside of studies, I divide my free time between going to the theatre (I like all kinds of movies), reading novels and comics, and going out with my friends, even if I’m not the biggest party boy.

“Seriously Morgan, that’s your description?”
“Come on Emma. It’s classic… but it’s me, isn’t it?”
“You really think you can catch with that?”
“Give me that phone. You really don’t know anything about dating.”

Graphic research for Morgan
Graphic research for Emma


“I’ll protect you, I promise.”

Personality : ISFJ-T, Defender

“Emma, what would you say?”
“Wanna read?”
“You allready have a profile?”
“Of course.”

I’m an endearing little creature with strengths and flaws. I like to travel, to walk (as much in exotic cities as in the forest) on many different roads, to meet new companions. I’m full of energy but sometimes I need to go back to my little bubble… That being said, that’s not why I’m not looking for a collector  nor a trainer (I don’t need to be tamed). If you accept that I evolve by always being myself then I might choose you for a squad mate!

“See? That’s a good description.”
“You’re such a child!”
“What…? You know you’re a real killjoy sometimes? “

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