Hey, welcome here!

I’m Matt, game director for The Dreamwalkers and founder of Nightbloomer Studio.

A year and a half ago (October 2018 to be accurate), with two friends we started a journey.

We chose this path because we believe in the power of stories.
A good story pulls us into a world where time doesn’t exist.  Where we can experience being somebody else.  And by making us feel the life of someone else, by helping us reflect on our own values and experiences, a good story can help us live a better life. In a nutshell, story is magic.

But how do you bring magic to the world ?

We believe video game is the perfect medium to tell stories.  Because there, stories are interactives.  We craft the story and it’s up to you how you live it.  Taking your time to discover the world?  Or rushing to choose how the story ends?

So here we are, creating our first video game because we believe in great stories and art.

On this page we share with you the artistic vision we have for The Dreamwalkers
You’ll discover the references that inspires us and the first steps we took to give it life.

I hope you’ll like your first step into our world!


P.S. : We have much more to share with you (like concept arts, characters’ backstories etc.).
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